Are you interested in what happened on Lug2Lug this week? We’ve got you covered!

This week was definitely dominated by the arrival of my new personal watch – Helberg CH6 Special Edition. When I found out that Helberg is releasing this Special Edition at affordable price point, I knew that I have to get it. And I did. The watch arrived this week and I literally fell in love. You can see my unboxing and initial impressions in my unboxing review. The in-depth review will follow shortly, so stay tuned!

For all the watch porn lovers, I posted the second part of my watch photography tutorial. In the article, I share my personal workflow for post-processing photos in Adobe Lightroom. If you don’t use RAW processing software yet, I highly recommend you start doing so today. It can boost your watch photography dramatically, as I showed in my article. The third part of the tutorial will follow in the upcoming weeks. This time I will show you how to capture and process beautiful lume shots.

If you want to see more photos, check out my watch galleries. I updated it with a Helberg CH6 Special Edition gallery.

Below, you will find my watch photos, which were taken this week. Enjoy.


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