This is another weekly summary of what happened on Lug2Lug.

This week, we have seen several interesting watches from microbrand watch world. We have seen the prototypes of Borealis Bull Shark and latest watch from Aevig – Balaur. Borealis offering steers more towards vintage style, while Aevig Balaur looks like a modern iteration of compressor style watches. Furthermore, Straton Watch Company presented their new vintage chronograph/diver watch called Straton Syncro, extremely interesting project in my opinion with plenty of customization options. Finally, Mavrik Watch Company announced that their vintage styled diver’s watch, Nereus V, will hit the Kickstarter on 21st of June. If it’s your cup of tea, be sure to mark this date in your calendars.

This week, I also posted my Top 5 of affordable summer watches. Be sure to check it out because the summer is just behind the corner and you don’t want to be left with no summer watch in your collection, do you? Please, share with us your opinions and suggestions for other summer affordable watches. Maybe we can create a new list together?

Next week, I plan to publish the second part of my watch photography guide, which will going to walk your through my workflow of post production in Adobe Lightroom. Until then, you can check the first part of my guide here.

As usual, I post my weekly rotation of watches that I personally wear. And what did you wear this week?

If you want to see more photos, check out my watch galleries.



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