What’s up fellow watch nerds, I hope you are doing great! The summer is taking its toll and, as you can imagine, there is not much going on in the watch world. That doesn’t mean that’s nothing happening at all, as I got a real treat prepared for you!

First of all, I would like to remind you about new vintage style dive watch Raven Trekker 40. Raven Watches is a well established American micro brand so you can expect they produce high quality watches. If the style appeals to you, it’s worth considering this limited edition timepiece.

Finally, as a main dish, I would like to present you my review of Deep Blue Nato Diver 300. This watch was such a surprise as it literally came out of nowhere and made a huge splash. Yes, it’s a controversial timepiece but I highly advise you to look past the fact it copies the design from famous Seiko SKX007 and focus at all these amazing specs and even more amazing price.

As usual, below, you will find my weekly batch of watch photos. If you want to see more photos, check out my watch galleries, which are updated every week! This time, galleries were updated with a Nato Diver 300 album as well.


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