Today I have a great honour to publish a guest post by Christopher Chia, also known as chriscentro, a fellow watch enthusiast and a photographer from Singapore. Chris will share his experience of owning two of the most iconic dive watches ever made, Rolex Submariner and Seiko MM300 SBDX001 in his comparison review supported by his amazing watch photography.

Six months in, here are my thoughts on the Submariner (Ref.114060) and how it compares to my favourite dive watch, the Seiko SBDX001 aka MM300.

The first thing that impresses me about the Sub is its accuracy. It’s running at -1 sec per day, which is very good. If I advanced the time by a couple of minutes and keep it wound up, it would be a few months before I need to set the time again.

Rolex has advertised their 904L steel as superior to the others and I have to agree with them. Before owning the Sub, whenever I handled a Rolex watch, I felt that there was a certain “smoothness” in the way the bracelet was linked together. The intangible feeling of quality.

What can I say, I like them both very much. The Sub, at 40mm fits my wrist better than the MM300 which is bigger and thicker. Having said that, the MM300 gains points with its beautifully sculpted case and those brushed and polished surface. These coupled with the shiny bezel insert, makes it a blingy watch, which I like. I am guilty of washing the MM300 with toothpaste occasionally to make it shine even more!

Here is a summary of my “amateurish” comparison between these 2 diver watches.


-1 sec
+6 sec
Smaller and fits better on my wrist, case design not as interesting
Thick and beautifully sculpted, very blingy which I like
Bezel insert
not ceramic but has a wet shinny look that changes its shade from jet black to grey according to light conditions
Beautiful jet black
Not as black as I would have liked
Good quality with the Rolex “smoothness”
Not as good, the gap is quite big on the first link nearest the lugs, it doesn’t bother me though
Glidelock is nicely executed
Not as well executed as the Sub
Drilled lugs?
No! That’s the reason why I haven’t use other straps on it
Yes! It’s super easy to change straps
Not as strong, but the blue lume is sexy
Shine like a torch



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