Microbrand? Check. Dive watch? Check. Original design? Check. Affordable? Check. It’s always nice to see new watch companies, which do not go an easy way of producing yet another Rolex Sub homage. MEW Tactical is definitely such a company as they are willing to risk it all with their own original design to make a splash in the watch world.

I stumbled upon MEW Tactical while browsing Facebook and I found their profile page. Their watch project, Hydroforce X1, struck me with its bold design. There is not much information available as of yet but we know that the watches are produced in Europe and their cases are partially hand made. As far as the specifications are concerned, the case of Hydroforce X1 is made of 316l stainless steel, measures 42×45 mm, and is 12 mm thick. The case is water resistance up to 20 ATM, which is a standard for a modern dive watch. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal, which ensures durability and scratch resistance. Hydroforce X1 is powered by an entry level Miyota 8215 automatic movement.

As we speak, the MEW Tactical website is being updated so be sure to check it out in a couple of days for more information. We don’t know what the price point for Hydroforce X1 is going to be nor we don’t know the release date but MEW Tactical promises it’s going to be affordable.

MEW Tactical Hydroforce X1

MEW Tactical Hydroforce X1

MEW Tactical Hydroforce X1

MEW Tactical Hydroforce X1 – case finishing


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