Dear readers,

I would like to ask for your help. Yesterday, 24.07 there was break-in to my apartment in Warsaw, Poland. Thieves stolen my personal watch collection, photo gear, as well as my wife’s jewellery and perfumes.

Thieves took only watches, without boxes and papers. Here is a list of watches that was stolen:

  1.  Omega Planet Ocean 42mm 8500S/N 87696569The watch was on black nato strap, I still have bracelet, box and papers.

Omega Planet Ocean 8500 42MM


2. Seiko Tuna SBBN015

S/N 411098

The was stolen with black Isofrane. Again, no box and papers.

Seiko TUNA SBBN015 wristshot

3. Seiko Orange Monster SKX781

S/N unknown

First gen Monster with bracelet, bought in 2011, serial number indicated 2010 as year of production

Seiko Orange Monster SXK781

4. Seiko SARB035

S/N unknown

Brand new SARB035 on bracelet, bought by my for a review. Again, no box and papers.

5. G. Gerlach Karaś

S/N – there is none

Almost brand new Karaś by G. Gerlach. The chrono second hand is tilted just a tiny bit to the right. There is also a small blemish on bottom left lug.

G. Gerlach PZL.23 Karaś

6. Bulova Moonwatch

Also brand new, was stolen on a olive nato strap. Again, no box or papers were taken.

7. Glycine Incursore Automatic

S/N 235833

The watch has small mark on the case at 10 o’clock. It was taken on a black Glycine leather strap.

Please, if you spot one or more of these watches online, on auction sites, on your local watch forums, pawn shops etc do let me know. You can reach me by email: micheal@lug2lug or via PM msg on Watchuseek, my nick there is muchacho_. I would really appreciate all the help I could get.


About Author

Watch enthusiast who loves to take photos of his watches, blogger, and founder of Lug2Lug.

  • John Nezlek

    Dear Michael,

    I am very sorry to hear about this. My home was robbed once, and in addition to the financial loss, my guess is that you feel as if you have been violated. At least I did.

    My guess is that the police have probably already mentioned this, but unfortunately, it seems possible (perhaps likely) that the thief is someone you know. In particular, someone you know who needs money. Desperate people will do things they would never do otherwise, even relatives.

    You have my sympathies.

    Good luck,

    • Dear John,

      I sure do feel violated. The financial loss is kind of devastating for me and my wife. We just turned 30 and it was most of our acquired wealth in our adult life. They not only took my watches but also camera gear (which kind of stops me from running this blog), wife’s jewellery and even perfumes. These things not only represented value but also carried lots of memories. My Orange Monster was my first real watch which introduced me to this hobby. They stolen our wedding rings, engagement ring and other keepsakes.

      Police isn’t eager to help either. They simply took our testimony and advised to keep an eye at online auctions.

      We are feeling resentment and powerlessness.

      • John Nezlek

        Someone knew you had all this stuff. You have a friend who is not a friend, or a relative who values money over family ties. Your apartment was not selected at random. Follow the money. Try some local pawn shops.

        I wish you good luck with this.

  • Mike V

    Micheal, hope you’re putting the pieces back together since the unfortunate incident. Hopefully, you will be up and running soon. I miss your reviews!

    • Mike, I’m taking some time off of running this blog and watches in general. I don’t want to leave it behind altogether but I have to reevaluate some things before I come back. I do feel violated after what happened and I don’t feel confident enough to put safety of my family at risk again. There is a chance that I’m still being watched by those who robbed me and I have no chance to defend myself especially since the Police is completely powerless in these kind of situations.
      On top of that, there is another, more straightforward issue. Money. This robbery has taken a serious dent on my finances as most of the stolen items were a result of months and years of saving. Sure, I can rebuild my watch collection over time but camera gear is more of a one time expenditure of a couple of thousands, which I simply can’t afford at the moment.
      I think I still need some time to think this all through and make a plan.