Seiko Recraft SNKM97 Review

Seiko Recraft SNKM97 on Pattini leather strap

If you follow my flickr or Instagram feed you might have noticed I have had this green dial Seiko Recraft SNKM97 in my collection for some time now. In fact, it’s been almost a year now. It’s high time to share a few thoughts about this extremely photogenic watch. Hopefully, my review of Seiko Recraft SNKM97 will help you decide whether it’s a watch for you.…

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MWC Sorrento Blue

Melbourne Watch Company Sorrento

You may recognize Melbourne Watch Company for their Portsea marine style watches with beautiful ceramic dials. This time; however, they are striking back with a modern style dive watch – Sorrento.…

E.C.Andersson North Sea

E.C.Andersson North Sea

Chances are that you haven’t heard about E.C.Andersson Watch Company and their North Sea all-around watch before. Hopefully, it’s about to change.…